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I love that pretentious shiz where you tumblr and listen to indie music and wear ohmazing clothes all day reading Kafka and philosophy like that. But half the time real life catches up with me and YES i do listen to indie music and tumblr and wear shirts as dresses but I also wanna learn how to rap and play chess and wake up early. I know, I'm indecisive like that, yo. Life's pretty boring and amazeballs, making me confused and sleepy half the time, but I party well awake at three in the morning 'cause that's how I live. Oh, did i mention, I happen to love curry mee? And pop culture references are awesometastic.

Yeah, I’m a dreamer!



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Happy Birthday Shan!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 @ 8:50 PM

*Must at least reblog a relatively decent picture of me:

Sweet Sixteen! The age of darlings :)

Baby, baby, baby, oh!

Stolen glances from afar

@ 12:21 AM

Not prepared. Not prepared.

Can't say that being 16 I have to
prepare but well, it's pretty mindblowing and mindnumbing at the same time. Can't say that I've not been waiting super long. Only 15 years? What's another day.

About three days ago I saw a pretty kitty minky pass by. It was furry white and the kind of cat that you want sitting on a plush velvet pillow while you hand-feed it beluga caviar and champagne grapes and it purring in contentment. It wasn't the stray cat type. Adorable, like me.
Moving on, pretty kitty minky padded it's furry cute feet past the house and up onto the railings of next door. It was stealthy. Charming, not flighty, kitty minky was a work of grace and elegance only a housepet could have. Then, it disappeared into Mr. Next Door's porch (and out of sight).

Then, there came a tabby cat. Pretty cute too, not unlike Chace Crawford. It too, padded up onto the railings, but did not disappear. Instead, tabby dear stood on the low brick wall, peeking on kitty minky. It looked with a sense of longing and happiness and tabby dear, sitting there, really looked
fulfilled. The only time it wasn't staring at kitty minky, it looked around him, like someone else was about to catch him at it. Adorable, the longing and youthful guilt of tabby dear.

Anyways, now you know what I mean by stealing glances, a sort of like...
Beauty can always be found in the simplest of spaces.

Kitty Minky and Tabby Dear.
true love story of cats.

P/S: I am serious. might have dramatized it a bit but i DID see that happen :)

I am happy now.

Saturday, April 17, 2010 @ 9:10 AM

this is what I want for my birthday

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