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I love that pretentious shiz where you tumblr and listen to indie music and wear ohmazing clothes all day reading Kafka and philosophy like that. But half the time real life catches up with me and YES i do listen to indie music and tumblr and wear shirts as dresses but I also wanna learn how to rap and play chess and wake up early. I know, I'm indecisive like that, yo. Life's pretty boring and amazeballs, making me confused and sleepy half the time, but I party well awake at three in the morning 'cause that's how I live. Oh, did i mention, I happen to love curry mee? And pop culture references are awesometastic.

Yeah, I’m a dreamer!



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Hiyahh from over here =)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 @ 7:37 AM

Hi babes,

Long time no see. Well, it just feels like ages, to you, I suppose? I've been having a brilliant time here! Looks like you guys think I'm invisible though, rite? Haha. No souvenirs for you then. Just kidding!!! =)

No time to blog much..it's late and I'm getting bleary, wanting to wake up early tomorrow to catch some delicious breakfast^^


love u lots x0x0 shan

How adorable!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 @ 8:00 AM

Just found this -

So wondrously C.U.T.E. It's two gummy bears, see, in an embrace! Haha.
We need more love in this world.

What did I do today?

@ 5:50 AM

Well. The most notable thing would be..that I won two games of Chor Tai Di!!!! And....here's the best part...We used actual playing cards! Not UNO, because we usually do. Hahahaha!!!! Brilliant! Anyways, apart from the fact that I was still playing with them even though we got caught yesterday makes me some sort of juvenile delinquent, I guess. (Ooh~) Well, not that extreme. Haha. Play with fire and you get burnt...The thing is, I didn't think I'd enjoy the game so much because I just started playing two weeks ago and I wasn't THAT good...(Well, what did you expect from someone who colour-coded the deck when she started)...It's not that funny, mind you. Yes, Yun, Ah Moi and Yip - I can see your sniggers from here.
" Yun, you have some parsley in your teeth, btw."
No, I was totally joking.
Whee - adrenaline rush!

James Bond made me thrilled.

Saturday, November 8, 2008 @ 6:31 AM


Went to watch James Bond 007 -Quantum of Solace yesterday! It was Awwwwesommmmmeeee! Then again, it's supposed to be. Haha. No, seriously. It starts with James (for I will call him that instead of "Bond", it sounds too...err, theatrical for an a spy and by that I mean FLAMBOYANT, feathered-boa-style individualistic)

[Dont read this if you are going to watch it! Read it if you DON'T and tell me if you feel like watching it. Haha. - No, seriously. It just kills the fun. So skip those sentences.]

ramming his sleek, shiny, expensive automobile into a few others at 350 km/h in a tunnel. Some bullet-firing, thrilling soundtrack and beautiful scenery later (after they emerge from the tunnel, of course) James finally arrives at the Mi6 headquarters in Sienna, Italy...and so on and so forth.

[End of Spoiler]

Anyways, I hope you do watch it. It's a good movie, nothing too gory. Sigh. Plenty scenes got censored, obviously. Anyways, we all watch it, right? Who never wanted to be a spy when they were a kid? On the bright side, the censorship board probably didn't want to be dream-busters. Or dream squashers, however you prefer it. =)

P.s. Daniel Craig's in it by the way!

P.p.s. James Bond is a cruel cold blooded killer, a terrible friend and also "horribly efficient" enough to think that it's a compliment.

P.p.p.s Keep a look out for Agent Fields' full name in the credits. Brilliant!


Big Day Out -

Thursday, November 6, 2008 @ 6:59 AM

A week to the end of Form3 and all of us students have been really jittery...I don't know, it's like we haven't caused enough trouble for the Uppers already. Haha. So 2 "educational" field trips have been organised. One to the Parliment and another to Beryl's Chocolate Factory. As for which I ended up going on...Choice #1. (I didn't plan anything, but it was fun) Let's have a look -

Our seats on the bus - which ended up getting all antsy (no, I just mean, covered with ANTS) because of the snacks we brought to chomp on...

Yip - Yun - Me(squished) - Lynnie -GG (oh!) Me + Lyn

And this was only the bus journey...


@ 5:34 AM

Welcome to my blog!

This is Shanancute - you should know me, that's why you're reading this, right? Then, I guess I don't exactly have to elaborate, because you'd know me as this BLOG thing progresses anyways.

Will try to update when able to,


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