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I love that pretentious shiz where you tumblr and listen to indie music and wear ohmazing clothes all day reading Kafka and philosophy like that. But half the time real life catches up with me and YES i do listen to indie music and tumblr and wear shirts as dresses but I also wanna learn how to rap and play chess and wake up early. I know, I'm indecisive like that, yo. Life's pretty boring and amazeballs, making me confused and sleepy half the time, but I party well awake at three in the morning 'cause that's how I live. Oh, did i mention, I happen to love curry mee? And pop culture references are awesometastic.

Yeah, I’m a dreamer!



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Wednesday, January 21, 2009 @ 1:09 AM

First and foremost, my Congratulations to the 44th President of the United States of America,

Barack Hussein Obama

For we will be needing change - one we can believe in.

Secondly, I would like to announce that I have added a music player to this blog. =)

*I'm happy!*

This infinite playlist is made up of my utterly favourite songs, and although it might not be to you - the reader's - taste...no one can stop me here!! I'm on a roll! xD

The tracks on my new, beautifully crafted playlist is as follows [Complete with review by yours truly] :

#1 Last Farewell - Big Bang This is a lively track from Big Bang, the Mtv-created boyband from Korea. Seriously, they aren't just your typical good-looking guys..they have talent! And the music video for this song is soooooooo hilarious! It's basically about this nerd guy, who's girlfriend breaks up with him. He is heartbroken, but goes for a makeover and now he looks cool! Then, he meets the same girl in a club and he sends her home...the next day, he's back to being a nerd...but the girl finds out soon enough. =)

#2 Littlest Things - Lily Allen Lily Allen's newest album, "It's Not Me, It's You" is out!!! And i love her newest song! The Fear. It's soooooo apt. Haha. And cynical. But that makes lily allen. And I Looooovvveee Her. Ha-Ha.

#3 Love Love Love - Epik High Why this song is no.3 on my chart, I do not know. It's an awesome song, with even awesomer [that is NOT a word] lyrics, by the masters of heartbreak music, Epik High. I shall post the English translation here, do tell me if it is heartbreaking or what..

It's Midnight, your tired drunk voice

2:00 a.m., the abruptly ended phone call

Nobody knows how I feel

I can't stopLove love love

Though it hurts, I keep on repeating

I can't stopLove love love

Have you ever been in love before?

Falling at first sight, like in the movies?

Spent the entire night talking on the phone?

Bragged to the entire world?

Waited in the pouring rain?

Run like crazy to the one you love?

Secretly guarded?

Gone crazy?Pretended not to see when you really did?

I’m sure you have been in love

Spent all your money on your anniversary

Apologized even when you didn’t do anything wrong

Spent entire days writing love letters

Pushed back promises with your family

Prayed to God for that persons health

Ignored your friends

Missed them

Guarded their leaving figure

Can't stop love

Why? I loved you like crazy. Why?

I treated you so well

I gave you everything

You got me going crazy Why? I loved you with all my life.

I gave you my body and soul

I lost everything for you

How could you?

Nobody knows how I feel

I can't stopLove love love

Though it hurts, I keep on repeating

I can't stopLove love love

Have you ever had your heart broken?

Had your makeup wash off in the pouring rain?

Cut your long hair?

Started smoking again?

Avoided areas where they might be?

Wrote letters you know you would never send?

Called them while you were drunk?(Hello?)

Had your lips freeze up

I’m sure you've had a broken heart

Hated them as much as you loved them

Ripped up letters you didn’t read

Deleted the phone number you will never forget

Celebrated anniversaries by yourself

Burned all the photographs

Thought every sad song in the world was about you

Can't stop loveWhy? I loved you like crazyWhy?

I treated you so well

I gave you everything

You got me going crazyWhy? I loved you with all my life.

I gave you my body and soul

I lost everything for you. How could you?

Nobody knows my heart

I can't stopLove love love

Though it hurts, I keep on repeating

I can't stop Love love love

Cry like an idiot

Get drunk again

Hold on to your friend And curse that person

Time passes...Get drunk again

Grab the phone Say love!

Nobody knows my heart

I can't stopLove love love

Though it hurts, I keep on repeating

I can't stopLove love love Nobody knows my heart

In fact, you're the one that doesn't know

Though it hurts, I keep on repeating

Someday we'll meet again...

#4 Hero/Heroine - Boys like Girls This American band is the one that came up with "The Great Escape" last year, but honestly, I do like this song much better..Especially the part - "Do you know your love is the sweetest thing?"

#5 So Hot - WonderGirls This single is korean band, WonderGirls' 3rd chart-topping song! It's sooooo full of itself and i love its vid too . Confession: I'd love to think I'm hot. =P

# 6 I Think I - Byul This song became a hit when it was on the soundtrack of the famous K-Drama, Full House, starring Rain and Song Hye-Kyo. It's a very popular song, and this series was the dawn of the Korean Wave...GO HWAITING~~

# 7 One Love - Loveholic This song is from the series Spring Waltz..I find it ravishing!

# 8 Come Back To Me - Vanessa Hudgens I'm not one of those people who hark about HSM 1,2 and 3 like there's no tomorrow. And I don't declare my undying love to Zac Efron either. I just like this song.

# 9 Right to Be Wrong - Joss Stone Joss Stone's second album marked a change of image for this British singer. This song is from her debut album, which was slightly hippy, in my opinion, but i loved it.

# 10 Our Song - Taylor Swift Taylor's song, Love Story, was a real popular, touching ballad about falling in love. She actually put a secret message in her CD, Fearless for the song. She wrote - Someday I'll Find This - in Love Story.

#11 Viva La Vida - Coldplay Now, Coldplay has been one of my favourite bands since forever and needless to say, their new song is awesome. =)

# 12 All About You - Mcfly McFly's been my sort-of on and off crush for years, since i heard their single, Obviously before the Youtube revolution. Okay. And Danny is shooooooo cute. xD. This song is in the LiLo chick-flick "Just My Luck."

#13 American Boy - Estelle feat. Kanye West I loved this song when it first came out! It's so.......different. Now, that's mine.

#14 When You Look Me In The Eyes - Jonas Brothers Okay. I'm a softie marshmallow. xD. You can't go through life without heart-melting pop music. I give up. I succumb to cuteness. =)


Friday, January 16, 2009 @ 4:27 AM

They have SAKS FIFTH AVENUE in Dubai!!

Haha. Saw an AWESHUMMMMMMM pink Juicy Couture bag. And it was, like, 900 bucks! Yeap. Then the bargain racks at Saks? The prices start at 3000. Those are the bargain racks, obviously.

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