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I love that pretentious shiz where you tumblr and listen to indie music and wear ohmazing clothes all day reading Kafka and philosophy like that. But half the time real life catches up with me and YES i do listen to indie music and tumblr and wear shirts as dresses but I also wanna learn how to rap and play chess and wake up early. I know, I'm indecisive like that, yo. Life's pretty boring and amazeballs, making me confused and sleepy half the time, but I party well awake at three in the morning 'cause that's how I live. Oh, did i mention, I happen to love curry mee? And pop culture references are awesometastic.

Yeah, I’m a dreamer!



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pressies. start shopping!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 @ 12:39 PM

HAHA. Just a reminder, I hardly care! Scoff if you want, but you know what's the latest addition to my wishlist? I want a fake designer bag! I insist it must be a fake. You know what? I just hate to join the legions of people who crave a designer bag, but settle for the fake one. What's wrong with a fake, may I ask? Well, cause it's fake! Nah, who cares! I like to be ironic. So you know what to get me for Christmas. Make it a Burberry one, please!
Another reminder of me.
Oh, I'm the same. I can't stand convention!

talk about travelling the world, tomorrow I'm going to Istanbul, Turkey. Don't miss me cause I shan't miss you - I'll be having fun. Sorry, I didn't meant to be honest! Anyways, today I have to mention I went to Ski Dubai! (MWAHAHA). Please google it too! It's really cool. Okay la, so I met a cute guy as well.*giddysmiles* He's Australian. Whee for me! (again! - sorry lo, my blog, can whee many many times also)
*evil laughs*
byebye from shan and will send love from Istanbul, which is 7 degrees celcius.

Monday, November 23, 2009 @ 7:39 AM


love, beeping, bleeping

Sunday, November 22, 2009 @ 12:59 PM

And if you think, for one second that I might be the sceptical, hypocritical, overtly distorted type, then I suggest you are wasting your time reading this post. In fact, go retreat to your fairytale corner and sob over some romance you might be having. But if you are open, to opinions, ideas, and a new horizon, then stay and read on.
P.S. This is not a rant. I'm not some twisted person who's never found love. Clearly, I'm not afraid and I'm real. So, let's examine this from the practical point of view shall we?

Our topic today is..... *drum roll* .... Can you find love online?

Love? To know where to find it, we need to know what it IS, per se. The definition of love, and I'm not about to give you some wiki-ed version of the word. Phooey. HAH. Stupidity and practicalityTHAT is, not feelings. Okay, so.

That said, all of this shiz is subjective, heck I hate using that word. It's so denominal and discriminatory. Just because someone's opinion is different doesn't make you right. And that's true. But you should also lay off all that prejudice. (Anyone who uses that word clearly believes that they are right and others wrong, they just want to appear saintly. Okay lah, everyone who uses that word EXCEPT me) Even anyone can see, you should be standing on the precipice. If neccessary, defending what's right for you but never, ever wound the pride of someone else just because their opinion doesn't match yours. It's not a game of memory (you know the cards, and you flip them open to test your intellectual capacity) but a game of dice. Luck, my friend, is what gets you further.

Okay, back to point. Love is subjective (grimace; because I'm using that word again) , but it is also WILD and THRILLING. Screw you, You. Have. Not. Lived. IF you're never fallen for someone. Then again, is it really possible to fall for someone you've never met?


I dunno what got me coming up with this post is in fact, not thinking about relationships in general, I was thinking about, reaction time. Blame Alex Rider, he's got me being a spy now. Basically, we all know that body language plays a very important role in human interaction. Communication, is done 60% by body language alone, and subconciously (and this is a fact) you read the signs before thinking of your response. Clearly, this is going to influence your reaction. Humans CALCULATE. The risks and benefits, they weigh before saying a word. So, they're genetically programmed to be aware of their surroudings and READ body language, gauging an idea from the slightest leaning of the knee, the sweat beads on the upper lips, the crooked half-smile...That is what makes them so cautious.

But say you're face-to-face.
Ideally (not), we have X who meets Y on the street and they are merely business aquaintances. X is an up-and-coming lawyer who graduated from Brown, has been going out with his girlfriend Mary Desmond for nine years, whom he met in college. Mary's a veterinarian who has bad choice in clothes and always smells of dog shampoo. Y is a toothy blonde accountant of the firm Smiths & General who manages X's finances, taken over from his old finance manager, Bert Robbins, who retired in June. X has only seen Y once five weeks ago, having gone into Smiths & General's office to drop off his Happy Retirement card for Bert. A card, because X has been really cheapskate recently since the economic downturn. He's sure Bert will appreciate the gesture because Bert knows exactly how many pennies left in his bank balance. The conversation is as follows:

X: Hey.
Y: Hi! (sees coffee cup in X's hands) I didn't know you were fond of this place. (eyes Blackberry in his hand that has a screensaver of two people holding hands)
X: Ah, (rubs hands on back of neck) well, it's just round the corner from where I work, so...
Y: I see.
(At this point, X feels all confident, doesn't mind showing off because he is wearing a $300 shirt, nevermind that it's got that curry stain)
X: You know what, lemme buy you a drink, let's have a chat.
(Y lowers eyes, unsure)
X: Come on, just a coffee.
Y: Alright. (smiles complacently)
Later, X sits opposite Y on small table. She tilts her head, observing the unruly hair, bad shave and smelling his slightly rotten stench of stale cigarettes) . He loosens his tie, keeping eye contact, telling lame jokes.
X: So, babe, wanna go out tonight?
Y: Sorry, no can do. (walks out)

Okay, so let's leave this scene for a while, we'll come back. But, moving on to next scene.
Same characters. X is sitting in front of his laptop, chatting with contacts and researching information. In the next room is his girlfriend, Mary, watching Oprah and crying very loudly (Almost as loud as the TV) X is irritated but doesn't let his frustration show. Then, Y pops up in his chat. On impulse, he clicks open.

X: Hey
Y: Hi
X: Let's cut to the chase here
Y: yes?
X: Wanna go out at seven tonight?
Y: Depends, where're you gonna take me?
X: Uptown.
Y: ?
X: To a nice little place called The Cantina
Y: I'm in
X: Nice. Pick you up at 8.
Y is offline. X is offline.

Okay, so that's just one of the many ways that happens. In Scene 1, X and Y are actually physical representatives of themselves. But in Scene 2, reaction time is delayed by a whopping many seconds. I mean, you don't actually see things as they are. X, the @r$e, could be digging his nose in front of the computer screen for all Y knows! All Y sees is that he's a stud. She doesn't even know he's got a girlfriend. Therefore, she's going out with him. This is not an example of reaction time though. It's an example of appearance and what it can actually mean to look at one person long enough to realize their flaws. But sometimes, you can't do that. Sometimes, you can't see the bad, heck, it's hard to do that even when you look into the mirror occasionally. What happens though, when you've never set an eye on that person? First appearances are key. Although they may prove you wrong, in some instances, they also give you a valuable thing - judgement through gut instinct. And history, my dear friend, and also common sense, tells you NEVER to devalue your instinct, however absurd.
But online, you can be a victim, not in the literal sense, but it's very elastic, that word. I mean, online, you're supposed to formulate how you look, how you talk.

"If I want to seem more attractive, I don't go out and buy a new dress or get a haircut. I simply change my MySpace picture. It's how it works nowadays."
-He's Just Not That Into You

It's all frankly artificial, because you're presenting a side of yourself calculated to give a positive reaction from your peers, but might be untrue. (Author's note: Well, at least words don't lie right? You can always tell a person from how he writes. That's real.)

Not that I don't revel in it sometimes, but everyone who's seen my Facebook profile picture has seen me in real life. Heh. And for the record, I don't edit my pictures! They're just really good angles! (I think) But enough about me, let's get back to online love.

Online love, I mean, if in any case you do know each other as passing "hi-bye" sorta friends then you can, in fact foster a relationship based on social networking sites, instant messaging and texting alone. But like I said, reaction time is DELAYED so you have more time to think, then you have more time to calculate your risks and tip the scale to artificially sow the seeds and create a desired response by a member of the opposite sex. You can say what you want and not have your eyes lie.

Therefore I think it's impossible. But if you can do it, then I salute you.

*disclaimer: Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination, or if real, used thoughtfully. All statements, activities, stunts, descriptions, information and material of any kind contained herein are included for entertainment purposes only and should not be relied on for ultimate accuracy or replicated as they may result in injury.

i'm writing alex rider's name on my hand in henna.

@ 10:52 AM

Me: MUM!!!! OHMIGOSH it's getting really exciting!! Alex Pettyfer's playing Texas Hold 'Em with the biggest VILLIAN yet!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!! Alex is going to win?? LOSE?? OH MY GOD!! That Desmond McCain's gonna cream him!!! There's no way he's getting out of this one.... OMG!!!!!!! Alex Pettyfer's drowning under a Scottish lake!!!!! He's gonna die no one's gonna save him now!!!!!OMGGGGG!!!!!!! Alex Pettyfer can't die!!!!!!

It's Alex RIDER.

Oh. Heh. *grins*

NOMNOMNOM They should really name snacks after cute guys. So when you ask me on MSN and I'm reading an Alex Rider novel, I can say, OH, I'm listening to She & Him and munching on some Alex Rider. Or Alex Pettyfer. Heh heh. NOMNOMNOM.

Ooh, he's mine. I finished that book btw, it's freaking aweshumm and I can't wait for Yassen. WHEE.


PS. HELLO ALEX RIDER, if you're reading. I <3 every fibre of your being. More than BELLA loves EDWARD CULLEN. ours is eternal. In the desert...Talk about in the desert.....................OOPS. I shan't tell you now! STAY TUNED.

things things things. liars and saints.

Saturday, November 14, 2009 @ 11:33 AM

"You've got to accept the fact that life isn't a fairy tale, things aren't always happily ever after. Things like magic wishes, Prince Charmings and true love don't happen in real life. Magic wishes come from money, Prince Charming's a shallow idiot with a bad haircut and overpriced clothes. And true love? Ha, true love is one-sided, Ace. You love her, she loves someone else. She loves you, you love someone else. Never quite works out does it? So you end up with some actor pretending to be your true love. Real considerate of someone to let you know reality was like that before being thrown into it. 'If you wish, it'll happen.' Well, wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up faster. Welcome to reality. Enjoy your stay."

mosey. slowpokey. meee.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 @ 6:11 AM

I love procrastinating! I mean it's not necessarily a good thing...IT'S NOT! But it's similar to saying, i love big macs, chocolate bars, french fries, cheese, pasta, capsicum...(they're all not good for you) oops, I'm totally kidding, capsicum is healthy I guess. But I have issues with vegetables beginning with the letter "C". Then again, you can argue that capsicums are indeed FRUITS and they're alternately called bell peppers and "bell peppers" start with a B, you know. I think you get the drift. Anyways, procrastinating is something I do all the time. I mean, look at the CUTE THINGY procrastinating in the above picture! Isn't it cute?! I wanna be a cute procrastinating thingy too! In fact, I am one of that nowadays! I barely keep track of the days now, how utterly lazy of me. And how indulgent. I've always had a thing for indulgence too. I love it when I get to wake up late and sleep even later. And books, and food! And friendships, they make me happier. Happier? Why not just "happy" you ask? Because I already am. Anyways, this post doesn't have a point except to stake claim on my little lollingabout-diddlingdaddling-lingering-lollygagging-moseying-lounging-goofingoff-boondoggling-bummingaround-cutesy procrastinator. MINE. Oh, and to search for fellow procrastinators. Join the club!

P.S. Procrastinating's side effect below.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009 @ 11:52 AM

This postcard says : "I'm learning Hindi so when I meet your parents I can tell them that I Love You."

Have you ever done anything crazy for love? Screamed "PANDA!" as loud as you can,BungeeJumped,ran,swear,stalked,spied,cried,wrotepoems,singkaraoke,watched a stupid movie, took a roller coaster, swam the seas, read a book, did your homework, bought new jeans, gotten drunk, gotten hungover, learned a new language, shouted, knitted, absailed, dived, learned, fell to pieces, gotten depressed, gotten fatter, shopped, ate icecream, gotten dumped, gotten a tattoo, argued, gotten a pet dog, gotten a new dress, ate worms, kissed your freedom goodbye, then did it all again....
That's good. Real good. Because it's not just love, it's crazy things and devotion, sheer devotion that make life meaningful sometimes. TAKE CHANCES.
Stop believing that if you' stay that way, utterly safe from things, that you're not against the beating of time and age. I mean, jump. You'd never know when you fall from the edge just sometimes you have to be someplace else to see what you can't see from the top. I'm not saying, oh, do it, fall in love! I'm saying, crazy things mean differently to people. You, sitting there with the laptop, cozy with a cup of tea, in that nice armchair of yours, you read the phrase "crazy things you would do for love" and you think. And you think. And you think. (shan's note; people like this usually take a long time to contemplate. They want to make a sensible choice) Finally you're done with thinking and you say, "AH! I know, crazy things? No biggie. I've done all that! I've called this chick about ten times a day!" --SEE! Exhibit A. Crazy things don't mean that to me. Another way it could turn out is like this..."AH! I know, crazy things? Pffft. I went hot-air-ballooning/sailing/on an airplane for my significant other!" That qualifies right? I guess so, if you think it does. BUT, sometimes, doing crazy things is not about plans, it's not about randomness either, but your guts. You say you'd travel to the moon and back and sometimes, you have to do jazz like that (equivalent in your own terms) you know, just cause. Cause life is short, eat, breathe, dream, jump in, fall in, run to, take your own adventure. Just because you have responsibilities doesn't mean you can't wake up one day and say, you're different and you want something new.

"Nobody is afraid of heights, they're afraid of the fall.
Nobody is afraid of the game, they're afraid of losing.
Nobody is afraid of saying I Love You, they're just afraid of the response."

At this rate, I say we're all bloody afraid! But what's wrong with that?

Don't fear your future! It should be afraid of you.
Life's worth it, and so is love. You'd forget the words but you'd never forget the feeling. It doesn't mean you ever have to forget though because after those days, what changes doesn't alter the past one bit.

one last thing;

smiling over my hot choc

Sunday, November 8, 2009 @ 11:38 AM

Ive got CRAZYnewSHIT and I aint afraid to post dem up. Just want you to know if you're gonna be jealous ignore this post else you're gonna so bitchslap me. whee. I LOVE ME AND MY PINKKK pjs and horrible enough I am getting cramps from doing this blog shiz too long. So you better listen or go away and do something useful like watching leaves sprout from trees coz I read in The Picture of Dorian Gray that Youth is the only thing worth having and if you're gonna do oh-so-dangerous stuff like staring at your mango/kumquat/money tree then you'd better be getting to it pronto. Ps. You're such a boring person I don't want you here anyways. Booooo.

NOWWWWWW to you my lovelies. Dear friends who are (still in school....MUAHAHAHA) uhhh, okay. scratch that. I mean. Dear friends who are missing me...and who wanna see what I've been up to the past week. Omg I'm so lazy to update but like I said I just wanna show you guys CRAZYnewSHIT.

I've been waking up early to go to the gym. (SEE SEE the pics if you need convincing) Bwahaha. I mean, there's a swimming pool and a sauna too, but I haven't been to either. Just the gym. I swear I've lost about half a kg already!!! The weighing scale says so. Hee. I've even got adrenaline pumping music to listen to and everything. My favourite is Patron Tequila - Paradiso Girls. Haha. I like to sing it on the treadmill. =D And there's even a bike machine and a ROWING MACHINE. Get this! A rowing machine!!! So blardy fun. And I'm thinner already!

I went to Dubai Mall. Okay, you know, how Dubai has

The World's Tallest Skyscraper BurjDubai

they also have the TWO only 7-star hotels in the entire planet, etc.

Dubai Mall is the world's largest shopping centre.
WHEE. It has a
Dubai Aquarium and UnderwaterZoo,
Dubai Ice Rink,
Sega Republic Theme Park,
The world's largest outdoor fountain and
oh, about 1200 stores.
Awesome right?
And just when you think it cannot be outdone, the mall is right next to Burj Dubai. And there's the fountain, the view is AMAAAAAAAZING.

Me in Shakespeare & Co Cafe in Dubai Mall.
#1 Macaron tower in Forrey & Galland chocolate boutique

#2 Dessert boutique with chio doors that bling. Think Moi will like this.
Then, went over to Dean & Deluca's at Souk al-Bahar. Souk al-Bahar is just opposite The Dubai Mall, across a very scenic bridge over The Dubai Fountain (World's Tallest Fountain). The Fountain, meanwhile has a breathtaking backdrop of Burj Dubai (World's Tallest Skyscraper). The Dubai Fountain itself can shoot a spray of water one-fifth the height of the Burj. ONE-FIFTH THE HEIGHT OF THE WORLD'S TALLEST BUILDING. Every twenty minutes, there's a light, music and dancing fountain display. Mesmerizing, both the view and the fountain itself. One of the best places to see the fountain is from the Souk al-Bahar bridge. I saw two fountain shows that day, themed to the melodies of Bassbor Al Fourgakom by Hussain al Jasmi and the second to Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman's Time To Say Goodbye.
The Souk al-Bahar Bridge and Souk al-Bahar (where Dean and Deluca's is located)

The topmost view of the Burj Dubai at night. Imposing, but phenomenal to see such a wonder. (Better in real-life, of course)
Standing on the bridge, the view of The Dubai Mall on one side...
And the Souk al-Bahar on the other.
The bridge
Daddy and me on the bridge
The first show and...

Second show we watched

Then off to Dean & Deluca's!
Had Hot Chocolate at Dean & Deluca, yum yum.
Also had Chocolate Molten Cake! Sinful, eh?
Mum and I at Dean & Deluca...fountain view behind too!

There's about a twohundred more pics I didn't upload, eg. Shopping, but I will update about Jumeirah Beach soon! There's cheese and henna involved! Don't want to give too much away, hehe! Oh, p.s. Bought 2 lbds this week. That's two little black dresses! And setting my sights on that pair of heels as well.....muax. miss yah biiiiatches. wish you were here. (all of you!)

And, here's to remembering the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.
And I know, I will.

just this once.

Saturday, November 7, 2009 @ 12:28 AM

screw me but I couldn't resist!!!!!!

real stuff

Thursday, November 5, 2009 @ 11:59 PM

HELLO THERE. Kay i really really know that I haven't been blogging nowadays. It's just because I've been too busy living. REALLY LIVING. Oh well, and umm, I just wanna say that I guess I'd do fine. =9

Here's something real:

It's Okay.

Really, it is.
I’ve learned through my short years of living to accept many things. That’s what life’s all about honestly: being hit by things you can’t control and learning to cope with it. You can either stay stuck on it and have this naive mindset that you can dominate your problems, or you can let it pass like a rude stranger; cursing about it for the first few moments, and then going about your day.

I don’t want to become depressed over you, because then you’re not only leaving me, but you’re also tearing down everything that I’ve worked so hard to build for myself. It has taken me long, dark years to get to where I am today, and your decision will not effect my progress.

I’m finally happy with my life, and even though you played a huge part in getting me there, you’ve decided to leave.
So I have to watch you go.

Yes, I’m sad.
No, I won’t stay in an infinite sorrow.

I see the pictures of you with your new friends, and I’m at an age and maturity where I can only think about how lucky they are to have you.
It’s not as though you did this on purpose; not by a long shot, but events happen in people’s lives where priorities change and the once important individuals get swept under the rug.

Don’t worry, I’m alright.
The bitterness is only natural though.

I love you with all of my heart, and as long as you’re happy as well, then so am I.
I know where this is going already, and I’m not childish enough to assume that everything will steadily get better and our lives will soon intersect again.
We had our time together, and as much fun as we had during that time, it has ended. We’ll become one of those friends that only smile slightly and give a wave in the hallway as we go about our routines.

We’ve both gotten the most out of this bond, and other people have come along to show you what they have to offer.

I’m fine with that.
As long as you get the best out of those relations and you become an even greater person because of it. You make me so proud, and you always will.

I love you.

-http://pimpzoofag.tumblr.com/page/2 Oh man, you're a genius. =D

*don't get too irritated yet, THIS IS NOT AN EMO POST. and this is not about you. Teehee. Okay-lah. I'm working on a really long Dubai post (smiles).


Monday, November 2, 2009 @ 11:38 PM

haha =)

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